5 Best Games to Play on a Road Trip

Ready to hit the road for one final summer vacation? It doesn’t have to be long and boring. And there are newer and more exciting games out there than “I Spy”. Although that will always be a road trip classic, there’s lots of games to play when cruising down the coast! Take a look at these 10 games that will help you crack a smile and pass the time

  1. Fortunately

    Start by stating a fortunate event, such as “Fortunately, this is my first time going to the beach this summer.” The next person states an unfortunate event, like “unfortunately, I forgot to pack sunblock.” Keep going around until somebody is stumped, at which point they get a strike. Three strikes and you’re out!

  2. Categories

    Start with a category, such as fruits. The first person says an object in that category beginning with the start of the alphabet; in this case, apple. The next person moves down the alphabet and states another object, like banana. For an increased challenge, make the categories super specific, or repeat every object that has been previously stated before taking your turn

  3. Movies

    Start by stating an actor or actress like Leonardo DiCaprio, for example. Then, the next person names a movie that they were in, like Django Unchained. Follow that with another actor/actress, like Samuel L. Jackson. Then, another movie, like Pulp Fiction. If somebody is wrong or bluffing, call them out and they are out for that round.

  4. Word Association

    Play this between partners to see who wins. On the count of three, you both say a word. Let’s say the words are “lettuce” and “truck”. Now, both of you think of new words that have both lettuce and truck in common. Let’s say the words are “farm” and “groceries”. Keep narrowing down the words until you both say the same word, for this example, let’s say the word is “farm stand”. Now the next team goes, and whoever can reach the common word in the fewest turns wins.

  5. One Upper

    Start with a general “did you know” statement about yourself. It can be true, but it’s more fun if it’s made up. So, let’s start with “Did you know I got married on a farm?” the next person has to “one-up” that person with a more profound statement, like “did you know I got married in a castle?”. Keep going until the statement is so profound and ridiculous that the next person can’t think of anything to “one-up” it, like “Did you know that I rode a gold-plated chariot of unicorns down the aisle when I got married in the Alien King’s palace on Mars?”

And there you have it; a full proof list for hours of fun on the road. If your travelling with kids, you could always throw “silence is golden” into the mix, where the kids compete by staying quiet for the longest to win a prize. So now that you have some games in your back pocket, you can start packing the car! Before you do that though, you should sign up for some cheap auto insurance that will get you where you need to go for less. Good2Go Auto Insurance can help with that! Visit www.Good2Go.com for a free quote on low rate, minimum limits car insurance today!

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