5 Fun Filled Family Activities You Can Do In September

Welp, we just got through August and summer is just about over. That means most of us have had a good time in the sun so far. It also means most of us are probably out of ideas for what to do with the remaining warm weather! But that doesn’t mean that you have to round out the season by sitting on the couch and soaking up the air conditioning. There’s still plenty of things to do! If you still have the motivation to pack up the kids and get out the front door, then check out this list of ideas.

  1. Try Geocaching

    Geocaches are hidden “treasures” left around the world by participants. The prize is usually something simple, like a logbook that says you found it. Just make sure to replace it for the next player after signing it. They are located around the world using precise GPS locations that you can enter into your phone. They can be pretty challenging, and quite the adventure! Just pop “geocaching” into your browser for locations in your area.

  2. Take in A Local Concert

    Many towns across the country have taken to hiring bands for the summer. They can be found jamming away at local parks every week. So, if you’re into concerts, grab the kids and take in a show. And if the kids get bored, they can always run to the swings nearby. Added bonus: these shows are free!

  3. Play A Round of Disc Golf

    You won’t have to travel far for this activity. This is another popular trend that has been appearing in public parks everywhere. All you need is a $10-$15 frisbee set from your local sporting goods store, and you can play this for free of charge for as long as your frisbees last. Be prepared to walk a couple miles though; these courses are pretty spread out. Don’t forget your water!

  4. Have a Season-Ending Bonfire

    Go out with a bang! Gather all that dry wood that’s been slowly gathering around the neighborhood, bring the neighbors together, pull out some marshmallows and hot dogs and go nuts! You’ll be surprised at how popular this can be; people are drawn to bonfires like moths are drawn to streetlamps.

  5. Host A Movie Night

    Do you have a big wall outside of your house? Well put a white sheet on it, buy a projector (available for less than $40 online), throw some popcorn in the microwave and host a movie night! Add in some mobile speakers and you have yourself an outdoor theater. This is good for all ages, but the kids will especially love it.

Personally, this is my favorite season. In fact, if mosquitos didn’t exist, I would probably stay outside from May all the way through the end of September. I feel like I don’t have a care in the world when I’m relaxing outdoors. Of course, I do have things to care about, but it’s nice to pretend, nonetheless. But at least I don’t have to worry about overpaying for insurance coverage now that I have Good2Go Auto Insurance! Visit www.Good2Go.com and get your free quote on low rate, minimum limits car insurance and start saving today!

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