5 Hints for A Spotless Car

Spring has arrived! For me, that means I’ve been walking places more often than driving, that my shorts and sandals are out of the back closet and that my grass is getting cut. Unfortunately, it also means that at some point I’ll be getting around to spring cleaning. It’s a task that I look forward to all winter until I actually have to do it. The process is always a pain, but the satisfaction I get when I finish makes it worthwhile. This winter, my home wasn’t the only thing to collect dirt and clutter. My car took a toll as well, so I’m adding it to the list of things to clean during my annual chore. If you plan to do the same, take a look at this list of five hints for a spotless car.

  1. Use a make-up brush or a long-haired artist paint brush

    There are a ton of little cracks and crevices where dust and dirt can hide. Your air conditioning ducts, the plane where the dash meets the windshield, and small recesses near the glove box are favorite hiding spots for grime. Use fine haired brushes to tease all of that dirt out of there.

  2. Vacuum as you go

    As you brush, be sure to keep suction from a vacuum on the areas that you’re cleaning. Otherwise, the dirt is just moving from one crack to the next. Get it out of there early to save yourself some time and aggravation as the cleaning process unfolds.

  3. Get in the nooks and crannies

    Running over your dash and center console with a damp cloth isn’t going to cut it. Many times, using a cotton swab dipped in an all-purpose cleaner will do the trick, but sometimes you might need something sturdier. When that happens, turn to a dull-tipped screwdriver with a towel wrapped around it. Soak that in all-purpose cleaner too, and it should do the trick when going after that stubborn, stuck-on grime.

  4. Finish off your dash and seats with a rejuvenator

    Rejuvenators can protect your dash from some future grime, but they also provide a nice shine after application. The other benefit is that they will keep the dash and leather seats from cracking over time. Over the counter rejuvenators work great, but olive oil can work wonders if you don’t want to spring for a bottle of the fancy stuff.

  5. Save the carpets for last

    A lot of people like to dive into a car clean by taking care of the carpets first, but they’ll get dirty again as you clean everything else, so work from top to bottom. Make sure to move the seats forward and backward so that you get in every crevice while vacuuming. And then don’t forget to shampoo; you can rent a carpet cleaner from a lot of places at a reasonable price, pet stores and home improvement stores included. I got mine from a grocery store.

Cleaning a car is about as fun as stubbing your toe in the middle of the night, but once it’s finished, your daily commute to work will feel much better. Want to know another great way to feel good on your way to work? It’s knowing that you aren’t overpaying for the car insurance that gets you there legally. Visit www.Good2Go.com to get a free, no obligations quote for low cost, minimum-requirements car insurance today!

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