5 Most Innovative Car Features of the Past 25 Years

Remember the days when you could roll your window down by hand? Or put a key in your car door? How about moving your seat around by hand? It seems like I haven’t had to deal with those issues in a long time. I have to say, I don’t miss them. Things have gotten a lot easier behind the wheel of the car in the past quarter century. Here’s a few reasons why:

High Tech Headlamps

Headlamps used to have a distinctly yellowish hue to them. But in 1992, High Intensity Discharge headlamps were introduced. Eight years later those gave way to Light Emitting Diode headlamps, or LED’s, which can be identified by their bright blue shine. LED’s could also be on their way out though, since BMW is currently working on laser headlamps that are reportedly 1,000 times brighter than LED’s.

Smart Keys

For some reason, smart keys don’t seem like they have been around for very long. As it turns out, drivers have had the ability to climb into their car and push a start button for the past 21 years. There are still plenty of cars that don’t feature this capability, but if you have it, smart keys are incredibly convenient. Although I have heard stories of people forgetting their smart keys but still being able to start their car because it was in range, resulting in them getting stuck at their destination.


This one has quickly become ingrained not just in cars, but in all technology. It’s difficult to find a cell phone, a laptop, and even televisions that don’t offer wireless connectivity. But it wasn’t that long ago that we were completely plugged in. Bluetooth has become so widespread that 14 states require its use to talk on your cell phone while driving.

GPS Navigation

Long before the days of Google Maps, GPS made its way into luxury automobiles. Oldsmobile was the first to do it well by relying on the U.S. government’s satellites, but the Pentagon didn’t take kindly to that and quickly began to degrade the signals. But it didn’t take long for companies to start manufacturing dash-top portable systems that could be taken anywhere, and GPS has been improving ever since.

Rear View Backup Camera

The rear-view camera is the most substantial development in safety since the airbag. In fact, as of last year it is now required in all new passenger vehicles. The technology is responsible for saving the lives of many children, as well as their tiny bicycles. Exterior automobile cameras have advanced to the point where some cars offer 360-degree perimeter views, while others can show how close your tire is getting to the curb.

Technology is a wonderful thing. There has never been a point in time when cars were easier or safer to drive. But even with all the advances, accidents still happen. And when they do, Good2Go will be there to get you back on the road. Visit www.Good2Go.com for a no obligations, free quote on minimum limits car insurance today!

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