6 Amphibious Vehicles Made for The Road and the Water

When the weather gets nice, it feels great to get out on the water. Whether it’s on a lake, river, or the ocean, chances are you’ll need a boat. Most people can afford either a car or a boat, but usually not both. But what if you could have the best of both worlds? If you’re interested in driving your car into deep water without having to call your auto insurance company afterwards, then take a look at these 5 innovative amphibious vehicles made for land and sea.

U.S. Army DUKW

First, a little history. The DUKW, also known as the Duck, is as infamous as an amphibious vehicle can be. If you ever saw a movie or a documentary about D-Day, then you have seen the Duck storming the beaches of Normandy. GM designed and built 21,000 of these for WWII. They fit 25 people, have a 5,000 lb. carrying capacity and can reach 50 mph on land, but only 5 mph in the water. Today, they have been repurposed to give aquatic tours in cities all over America.

Lamborghini Countache

This Countache is the first and potentially only amphibious Lamborghini. It isn’t a manufactured model, but a custom redesign for somebody that is without a doubt in the 1%. The engine was repositioned to the center of the vehicle for ballast, and hydrofoil was added all around. The undertaking wasn’t a cheap one; the glass alone cost $3,700. And while it’s neat to say you have something nobody else has, my question is: Why have this?


The QuadSki

This is the ultimate vehicle for back-woods adrenaline junkies. Want to rip through the woods for a little while? The QuadSki has you covered. Did the tree line just slope into a riverbank? No need to slow down, the QuadSki has you covered. Unlike most aquatic vehicles, you won’t lose speed moving from the dirt to the water either, since its powerful BMW K1300 engine keeps you at a steady 45 mph regardless of the driving surface.


Water Car Panther

This might be one of the more useful aquatic vehicles out there. The bed is covered with a hard shell which could make a solid platform for fishing. It has a strong engine capable of reaching 80 mph on water and 160 mph on land, so it’s good for watersports and highway driving. And the wheels are retractable, so they drop to give good ground clearance on land and yet avoid the water when you’re ready to go boating. It might just be the ultimate sports utility vehicle.


The Terra Wind Amphibious RV

Why stop at a car/boat hybrid? Why not take it to the next level with a car/boat/house hybrid? There’s no stopping an adventurous imagination with the Terra Wind. You can go anywhere that you want to go, and you can do it without sacrificing comfort. This beauty features a spacious jacuzzi, granite countertops, a washing machine, a microwave, and a full-sized fridge. And it features a strategically positioned drop-down hatch in the back, just in case you want to pull out the lawn chairs and catch some rays while you’re out to sea.


The Biski

Motorcycles are kind of like jet skis. They are both two-seater vehicles, both have handlebar controls, and they both allow for rider to have wind rip through their hair. So why not combine the two? That’s what the Biski did. True motorcycle enthusiasts might love this one because it lets them take their passion to the open sea. Though I’m left wondering how it stores a helmet and a life jacket at the same time.


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