5 Movie Characters with Terrible Driving Records

Picture yourself driving cautiously along the highway, paying attention to the road in front of you, when suddenly another driver is speeding past you, weaving in and out of traffic and making the road a hazard for you and everyone else on it. There are just some people who don’t belong on the road, and fictional characters are not exempt. Here’s a list of the top movie characters who we would consider an auto insurance nightmare.


The Dark Knight might be well-known for saving Gotham from the evil doings of the Joker and his other various enemies, but he is not known for his safe driving practices. On numerous occasions, you can find him zooming around the city in the Batmobile, oblivious to the dangers of speeding and careless driving. Gotham needs you…to be a better driver.

Dominic Toretto

This Fast and Furious star might be a man with a strong moral code and family values, but most people probably shouldn’t trust him with their kids in the car. Toretto earns most of his keep by participating in illegal street races. Some call it crime, but to Toretto, he’s just supporting his family.

James Bond

With Bond’s epic car chases throughout his career, it’s easy to see that the man has a driver’s license to kill. Bond is also responsible for damaging some of the coolest cars ever made, like the time he ripped the door off a brand new Aston Martin chasing bad guys next to Italy’s Lago di Garda. Oops.

John McClane

There are plenty of things to look forward to during the Christmas season. Beautiful light displays, hot chocolate by the tree, and machine gun shootouts. Actually, that last part is only true for John McClane, whose wife is taken hostage on Christmas Eve, forcing him to spend his holidays kicking butt, taking names, and causing $11 million worth of damage to luxury cars.

Jeff Lebowski (The Dude)

The Dude finds himself amidst a tale of a classic mix-up when he’s mistaken for a man of the same name who owes a group of bad guys some money. The Dude’s favorite rug is ruined and his car is set on fire in the process. But The Dude wasn’t a particularly responsible driver to begin with. He abides, but apparently not to traffic laws.

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