Best Car Blogs to Follow Today

Are you an auto enthusiast? Are you tired of sorting through hundreds of car blogs looking for the most reliable content? Well, we’ve done the research for you and built a list of the best car blogs we could find on the internet. With topics ranging from repair and maintenance to classic cars and other reviews, we think we’ve got something for everyone here. Go ahead and head down that rabbit hole in 3…2…1…

Brand Specific Blog: VW Vortex

Volkswagen already has a cult-like following, so you know any Volkswagen blog will live up to its follower’s high standards. The blog features multiple forums, latest news, and a list of events for other VW enthusiasts. You can even sign up to receive the VW Vortex newsletter right in your inbox. With over 40 million page impressions each month, it’s no wonder VW Vortex is frequently recognized for building a strong independent community of readers.

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Auto Customer Research Blog: Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book is a fairly well-known blog for anyone buying or selling a vehicle. They’re known to provide helpful and reliable information on price and value when buying or selling a vehicle. For sellers, you can fill out a series of questions that will estimate the value of your vehicle. Buyers can search local inventory and look up a vehicle’s history report. You can review particular cars, search cars for sale, and even view things like “10 Best All-Wheel-Drive Vehicles Under $25,000.”

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Reviews and Research: The Car Connection

The Car Connection claims that they make doing car research easier by building their reviews on the best expertise the industry has to offer. Their veteran car journalists drive more than 300 new cars a year, and combine their expertise with web-based opinions from people around the world. They write buying guides that focus only on what the consumer needs to know. Their homepage is extremely user friendly and immediately asks the site visitor to enter the year, make, and model of the vehicle they’d like to research.

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News and Updates: Auto Blog

Auto Blog is sort of a jack of all trades as far as car blogs go. The site features research on particular models and styles, buying tips, and all kinds of auto news. A few of the news categories listed on Auto Blog are celebrities, design/style, podcasts and manufacturing. One category that particularly caught our eye was “spy photos.” To find out what that means, you’ll have to visit the site and see for yourself.

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Car Maintenance & Repair: YourMechanic Blog

Do you ever wish you could just text your mechanic when your car is making a weird noise? Well, YourMechanic Blog allows you to do that…*sort of*The homepage of the site features a search bar that prompts you to ask your question. For research purposes, we typed in “car vibrating when accelerating.” The search results returned helpful advice on what could be the cause, and even a price estimate for recommended repairs. You can even tailor the response to your particular make and model of vehicle. Variety is the spice of life, you know.

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