Car Gadgets from Movies That We Wished Actually Existed

When you want to buy a car, what do you look for? Safety awards? A sunroof? More seats? Nowadays, many people are into the gadgets. All sorts of gadgets are being added to cars, from touchscreen control to automatic parking. It’s a race to create the newest and coolest toys to play with that will sell the most cars. Touchscreens sounds useful, but it’s the shiny toys and gadgets in movies that make the average car owner swoon. For some, it’s for fun, for others, it’s for function. Either way, these iconic and flashy cars have everyone throwing their money at the screen.

  1. The Car Closet

Barely mentioned in “The Incredibles” was the Incredimobile. This sleek black car has all sorts of tricks, including a danger sensor and a stealth mode. But what would be the most useful feature for the everyday citizen —  the dressing function. Mr. Incredible goes from tux to hero to tux, all while on auto-drive. For the days when you pressed snooze too many times, wouldn’t it be nice just roll out of bed into your car and come out wearing your favorite suit, shoes tied and everything? We wish.

  1. Belt Tires

The Mach 5 from “Speed Racer” is a classic car to reference in any article about famous cars. It has a steering wheel full of buttons that would either be illegal or impossible on today’s parkways and racetracks. Saw blades and car stilts are more likely to get you pulled over; but the best one is Button B. When Speed Racer presses Button B, special treads emerge from the Mach 5’s tires. They create friction and grip on any surface, including the sides of mountains. According to the USDOT Federal Highway Administration, 536,731 crashes are caused annually due to snowy and icy roads. This show is a half-century old, and it begs the question, why don’t cars have this already?

  1. Ejector Seat

James Bond has had many cars over the years, with machine guns and oil slicks. The most iconic of the cars is the Aston Martin DB5; and the most iconic gadget is the ejector seat. Just push a button and the passenger (or driver) shoots up and out of the car still in their seat. There are some potential safety aspects of the ejector function, such as escaping a car that is out of control. But being able to eject a screaming child on an endless road trip has crossed every parent’s mind at least once.

  1. Auxiliary Mode

There is nothing safe about this gadget, but anyone in traffic in a tunnel wants it. That is the auxiliary mode in the 1987 Ford LTD Crown Victoria, the car driven by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in “Men in Black.” With a press of a red button, the car went fast enough to ride the roof of the tunnel. This red car has the ultimate 0-60 acceleration, and any speed demon would love to get their hands on it.

  1. Flux Capacitor

This wouldn’t be a complete article about car gadgets without giving a nod to the DeLorean from “Back to the Future.” The gadget in this car is the flux capacitor that enables time travel.  Wouldn’t it be great to travel back in time and undo some of the more embarrassing moments in your life?


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