Good2Go Teams with LifeSaver to Limit Distracted Driving

Drivers who use cell phones while they’re behind the wheel contribute to 1.6 million crashes and 330,000 injuries annually, and 11 teenagers die every day as a result from texting and driving according to the National Safety Council. With alarming statistics like those, it’s concerning there aren’t more laws prohibiting texting and driving. 14 states including Washing D.C. have banned drivers from using hand-held cell phones behind the wheel, and 47 states and D.C. have specifically banned texting and driving.

Unfortunately, many auto manufacturers contribute additional distractions in many forms of new vehicle technology. GPS systems, satellite radio, and cameras are useful to have, but can take your eyes off the road for an extended period of time. It may seem harmless to look at your phone for just five seconds, but if you’re traveling 55mph, you’ll cover the length of an entire football field.

Texting and driving is one of the most dangerous forms of distracted driving. We have to use our hands, eyes, and brain to complete the task — all of which you need to drive safely. Your eyes should be on the road, hands on the wheel, and focus on getting to your destination safely. If you are the parent or guardian of a new driver, be sure to warn them of the dangers of texting and driving. Most new drivers understand the perils of drinking and driving, so make sure they know distracted driving can be just as deadly. Suggest that they place their phone in the glove compartment while driving, or at least silence all notifications.

It’s not only teenagers who are responsible for crashes caused by texting and driving – it’s adults, too. Adults get caught up in the daily stresses of life, causing them to take calls or catch up on email while driving. It’s easy to make a promise to yourself that you will not text and drive, but sometimes a promise is not enough.

Downloading an app like LifeSaver can help you keep that promise.  It’s a free app that both iPhone and Android users can install that will block phone use while driving. Users will receive a message reminding them to “keep their eyes on the road” while the car is in motion, but can unlock the screen to make an emergency call.

If you are a Good2Go policyholder, you might qualify for Good2Go’s Cell Phone Safety Discount of 5% by installing the LifeSaver on your cell phone. Visit for more information about the discount and other ways you can save money on your policy.

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