Strange Things Found in Cars

A laptop, like a car, is an important investment in today’s world. After an extended stay in London, my laptop began to make horrifying popcorn sounds. When I finally went to get it looked at, the person helping me came back with my computer and a two-pence coin, just a bit bigger than a quarter, that he had found wedged in the keyboard. A computer has only a few openings into which weird objects can manage to find a way inside.  A car, on the other hand, is like a giant coat full of pockets — except that it runs on wheels. Let’s give a moment of silence for the mechanics who bravely stick their hands into parts of cars only to find strange items like brisket, mice and bottles of “basil.”

Unnaturally Smoked Beef:

  • When people party in the parking lots of stadiums before big games, it’s called tailgating. They bring grills, beer and red solo cups. Everyone brings something to the sport-themed potluck, especially meat. One clever driver side-stepped the charcoal grill and instead opted to make a brisket using his car. His mechanic found an aluminum-wrapped brisket tied around the vehicle’s exhaust manifold. Apparently, the driver was writing a cookbook on how to cook using your car as the only heat source.

Special Spices:

  • One man’s herb is another man’s treasure. A mechanic got a nice kick out of a bottle he fished from a client’s car. Labeled “basil,” the bottle indeed held a green, herb-like substance. After closer examination, the mechanic determined that using this “basil” worked magic on pizza or pasta, but only afterwards.

‘Give Me Shelter’:

  • When weather takes a turn for the worse, many animals seek shelter in cars, and some decide to make it their home. Various animals, especially mice and snakes, have been found in engines, wheel wells and almost anywhere a small vertebrate could fit their little heads. It’s not good for the animal or your car, and if the little critter isn’t found in time it could lead to a not-so-pleasant odor that lingers for a long time.

Urning Up The Track:

  • Buying a used car can be a relieving solution to a thin wallet. While a certain amount of wear and tear is expected, buying a used car may come with a few unexpected surprises. For instance, one used car buyer opened the trunk to find a beautiful urn, full of ashes. Finding the previous owners’ gym bag is one thing but finding a loved one’s ashes is a whole new experience.

Eye See You:

  • One more about the uncomfortable experiences of finding body parts in used cars. To sell a car, an owner usually gets it cleaned inside and out. But this isn’t always the case. If you have to clean it yourself, be careful. One unfortunate motorist got the unlucky experience of fishing out a glass eye from the depths of their new used car. If the past owner doesn’t want it back, you can always tell your kid it’s a bright, new shiny marble (just clean it first).

As Quiet As A Mouse:

  • Just like getting the car’s oil checked, replacing the air filter is important for the health of the car and the passengers. A clean filter allows the air inside of the car to circulate, keeping it cool or warm, whichever is necessary at that moment. The more dust that builds-up inside the car increases the chances of mold growing and the air becoming toxic. One such driver began to have a problem with a smell in their car. To the mechanic’s horror (and everyone else’s) there was a mouse nest built into the filter. This is particularly a threat to cars that aren’t used very often. So please, replace your filters regularly.

Calm Like A Bomb:

  • One unfortunate mechanic was given a car that wouldn’t start. With nothing found wrong through a basic checkup, he followed the wiring from the starter, which seemed to be skewed. Reaching the end, he found a homemade dynamite bomb. Naturally, the bomb squad came in and fully deactivated it. The real question is, who was the driver that someone wanted to kill so badly that he’d use a car bomb?


A car can be a black hole, sucking in all kinds of contents. Lose a ring? Try between the seat and the console. Drop some change? It might have snuck between the seats. Strange odors? Maybe the last owner used the car as a personal slow-cooker.

Be aware of changes, noises, and smells in your car, whether it be new, used or rental. If something is impeding the system, whether it’s a family of squirrels or chewed wiring, get it checked out. If you catch the problem in time, you and your mechanic can have a good laugh. But leaving a problem alone is never the right solution and could result in an accident.

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