Tips for Making Your Commute More Tolerable

Planes, trains, and automobiles… Although they have made life more convenient overall, they certainly come with their fair share of headaches. Read on to discover the five best ways to make your commute more enjoyable so you can rid yourself of the briefcase blues!

Create different playlists for the morning and afternoon

Studies have shown that people who listen to music during their commute are less likely to experience bouts of road rage when compared with those who don’t.

Pro Tip: Create a playlist that gets you amped up in the morning and one to calm you down on your way home.

Create alternate routes

Whether you’re trying to decompress with a more scenic route, or you just want to avoid traffic, having multiple route options handy can help you avoid stressful situations. Simple tricks like getting off the highway an exit early and braving unknown roads can give you a sense of adventure on your otherwise bland commute.

Pro Tip: Use Google Maps or your iPhone to plan out your new expedition to avoid making a wrong turn that could add several minutes to your travel time.

Feed your mind

Nothing takes your mind off of a stressful day like learning something new. Dive into a new world with an audio book or a CD to learn a new language. There are endless ways to take keep your mind off the drive while keeping your eyes on the road.

Pro Tip: Explore the never-ending entertainment of podcasts! Learn something new every day with your favorite celebrities ranging from the world-renowned Dr. Oz, to the surprisingly astute banter of the Joe Rogan Experience.

Use public transportation

Studies show that people who commute via public transportation are often healthier mentally and physically. The feeling of being ‘in control’ is the number one reason that people avoid mass transit. However, things like getting stuck in traffic take a toll on your psyche because your sense of control is suddenly lost. When you feel like you aren’t in control, your stress levels can rise.

Pro Tip: Download a game, read your favorite magazine, get some extra work done, soak in the scenery that you take for granted when driving, or play psychologist and dig into a nice session of people-watching.


Reduce your road rage

We’ve all been there… you are cruising at your own pace and suddenly you have been cut off by another driver who is in a hurry or just wants to drive faster than the speed limit. Instead of letting the hand gestures and obscenities fly, use this as an opportunity to practice mindfulness. According to studies, being mindful of other people’s mistakes, priorities, and needs is the biggest piece of the puzzle to leading a happier and more fulfilling life.

Pro Tip: Breathe deeply before reacting. Often times our road rage comes from a place of fear, not anger. Several studies have shown that by taking an extra second to think before reacting has a positive impact on our relationships, mental health, and overall well-being.

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