Tips for Nailing Your License Photo

If you’re stuck with the same license photo for an entire decade, you might as well make it a good one. There are so many factors working against you at the DMV – bad lighting, cranky employees, and long waits being just a few. It’s no mystery why most ID photos come out looking closer to a mug shot. Looking at a bad photo of yourself every time someone asks to see your ID can be a huge self-esteem killer. Here are a few tips for taking an Instagram-worthy license photo.

Take advantage of your best assets

Have a dazzling smile? Let that baby shine (unless you live in a state that doesn’t allow smiling…)! Know that your left side is your best side? Tilt your head in that direction. You can practice taking selfies in preparation of the big day to figure out what your best features are. Then, highlight them.

Tame your mane

People with long hair know that it can sometimes “swallow” you in a photo. If that happens to you, pull your hair back into a ponytail, a low bun, or simply brush it behind your shoulders. Sometimes, when your hair is in front of your shoulders, it hides your neck. Think of Danny DeVito as “the penguin.” Nope.

Keep it natural

No need to do anything radical for picture day. After all, this isn’t middle school. Steer clear of the fire engine lips, smoky eye, and complicated hair styles. Beauty queens need not apply an excessive amount of shimmer. The combination of shimmer with bad lighting can wash you out. Stick to your regular bronzers and blushes to add color back into your face.

Sleep the night before

Looking tired in your photo is only going to add to the whole “mug shot” feel. Rest up and minimize those under eye circles. If your eyes are a little bloodshot, consider using eye drops.

Work the angles

Photo pros recommend simple changes like lifting your chin instead of keeping it down. Lifting your face will help light it up, keeping away dark shadows that might make you look worn out.

Choose your shirt wisely        

Wearing a shirt that is too lightly colored can make you blend into the background, while wearing black can make you look pale. Try sticking to a soft color, like blue green, or pink. Also try to make sure your shirt is solid colored and doesn’t have any noticeable graphics or logos.

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